The Law Office of Dayna Thomas believes that entertainers should have the opportunity to devote their time to focusing on their craft and building their creative vision. However, it is important that individuals in the entertainment industry understand the business behind their craft and have competent legal counsel to make sure their intellectual property is protected.


The business of entertainment is generally structured around deals to collaborate or for the use of one’s work and/or likeness. Our office takes the time to understand your position in order to draft and negotiate simple or complex deals in a way that provides the most benefit to you, while accurately reflecting the expectations of all parties.


Whether you’re in the music, film, television, fashion, or Instagram model industry, Attorney Thomas can assist you with your business and legal needs.

Services Include:

● General counsel

● Contract drafting and negotiation

       Including but not limited to

       - Management agreements

       - Publishing agreements

       - Recording agreements

       - Endorsement deals

       - Appearance releases

       - Music/film licensing

       - Television casting agreements

       - Side artist agreements

       - Booking agent agreements

       - Songwriter agreements

       - Merchandising

       - Publicity rights releases

       - Film location agreements

       - Photographer/model releases

       - Book publishing agreements

  • Contract dispute resolution & litigation

  • Defamation, libel, and slander

  • Intellectual property protection

       - Copyright registration

       - Copyright cease and desist 

       - Trademark registration 

       - Trademark cease and desist