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One-time payment of $350

Dayna Thomas, Esq. | Attorney & Business Coach

Dayna Thomas, Esq. is a trusted and influential trademark and entrepreneurship attorney and author in the Atlanta area and nationwide. As one of the nation’s most sought-after brand attorneys, Dayna has helped thousands of business owners establish solid foundations for their new and exciting ventures in entrepreneurship. Along with being named in The National Black Lawyers – Top 100, selected as a Legal Elite by Georgia Trend, and named as an Icon of Atlanta by GoDaddy, Dayna has been featured in over 100 publications and events to teach and encourage creatives and entrepreneurs worldwide. In her daily grind, Dayna is dedicated to helping aspiring and current entrepreneurs make more money and live more fulfilled lives. 

"Dayna is the best attorney I’ve ever had! I truly mean that. She does an excellent job at taking complex information and conveying it in simple terms. She is adept at what it takes to legally operate a business. Plus, she goes above and beyond to assist in any way she can." - Taj S.

Spots are Limited!

Strategize. Legalize. Monetize.

Let's take your business and brand to the next level!


During this exclusive power-packed one-hour session, Attorney Dayna Thomas will conduct a comprehensive audit of your business's legal foundation. We'll dive deep into your legal framework, discuss contracts, review compliance, and assess potential risks to identify areas that need fortification.

What to Expect:

🔍 Business Structure Review: Explore and fine-tune your business structure for optimal functionality, scalability, and legal compliance. We'll assess whether your current structure aligns with your growth goals and suggest potential improvements.

💡 Copyright and Content Ownership: Protect your intellectual property! Gain insights into copyright laws, understand content ownership, and secure your creative assets for long-term value.

🛡️ Trademarks and Brand Protection: Elevate your brand's defense! We'll develop your trademark strategy, ensuring comprehensive brand protection, and offer strategic advice to reinforce your brand's uniqueness.

 📝 Contracts Audit: Receive guidance on the contracts needed for your current and future clients, staff, collaborators, and partners to reduce risk and enhance clarity.

💻 Website Compliance: Navigate the digital landscape seamlessly! Ensure your website complies with legal regulations and guidelines, providing a secure platform for your online presence.

💰 Preparation for Investors: Impress future investors and partners with confidence! Receive guidance on preparing a robust legal portfolio that showcases your business's stability, compliance, and growth potential.

🚀 Unlock Growth Potential: Lay the groundwork for a prosperous future! Our session is geared towards empowering you with the legal bedrock essential for sustained growth and expansion.

💎 Bonus!

Five Essential Contract Templates

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Copyright Assignment Agreement

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Website Terms & Conditions

  • Website Privacy Policy

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