We provide excellent and reliable service to entrepreneurs and entertainers as they work to achieve their goals. 

The Law Office of Dayna Thomas, LLC collaborates with clients not only as legal counsel, but also as a business and branding advisor. Our office works to ensure that your creative property is protected and we assist you in making your vision for a “be your own boss” lifestyle a reality.

We work with clients to help them lay a solid business and legal foundation for their ventures in entertainment and entrepreneurship. We handle everything from business entity formation, operating agreements and bylaws, contract drafting and negotiation, investor relations and funding, trademark and brand protection, product licensing, pre-litigation business disputes and mediation, and more. Attorney Thomas is committed to serving entrepreneurs and entertainers, not only as legal counsel, but also through moral support and encouragement. 

Keeping You Educated & Inspired



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Dominique Parrish

Owner, Buckhead TV Mounting

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Dayna is the absolute best. I’ve contacted her for advice a few times, and in each situation she saved me from signing terrible contracts. Dayna also educated me on entrepreneurship skills along the way as well. I look forward to working with The Law Office of Dayna Thomas forever!

Vonetta Dotson

Owner, CerebroFit

I had a great experience with The Law Office of Dayna Thomas! Dayna and her team made the entire process very clear and streamlined, even for a first-timer. They were quick to respond to any questions I had, and regularly kept me up to date on everything they were working on. I will definitely be using Dayna Thomas for all of my small business needs.

Kadeem Pardue

Owner, Black Tech Academy

Dayna is the 🐐 She is fantastic and very thorough. Her team is excellent and the engagement was memorable, trusting and very informative. I had the privilege of working with Dayna to start my first company in Georgia. Needless to say I will be reaching out to her again for any future legal needs. If you need anything for legal then you need to work with Dayna.

Leslie & Darrick Goodman

Owners, Black Silt Yoga

We knew after our initial consultation with Dayna that she was the perfect attorney for us! Her passion for the success and growth of first-time business owners is outweighed only by her professionalism, precision, and respect for your vision as her client. You know and feel instantly that she cares for her clients in making their dreams an attainable reality. 

Carlos Jones

Owner, Roots and Crops

Dayna Thomas was excellent throughout my entire process!  She is extremely knowledgeable , prompt about getting things done, and has a genuine aura about her that lets you know she really cares about helping you start your business off the right way. Hands down, Dayna was awesome and I honestly couldn't have had a smoother experience.

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